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About QServus

Why is the quality of service important within my business?

A satisfied customer generates the best advertising and mouth to mouth recommendations, by which you can influence the purchasing process or the perception that customers of your business will have.

In a digitized age like the one we live in, it becomes essential to have satisfied buyers, because the impact of a negative comment on social networks can trigger a wave of bad publicity for your business.

How will QServus help me to retain my clients?

QServus will provide you with technological tools that will allow you to improve the user’s shopping experience. If there is any inconvenience in the process, you will be notified online, so you can deliver quick solutions that meet the needs of your customers..

Our relational marketing system includes coupons and discounts, loyalty programs, gasification, social networks, among others.

Why QServus is the best option against the competition?

We are the best relational marketing option, because we understand the new business models, and we help you to listen to your customers, to later analyze and act.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because:

  1. We work with a specialized team that will advise you on any concerns you may have.
  2. We have an interactive interface platform adaptable to any mobile device, pleasant design and easy to use.
  3. We put at your disposal different automated actions to react and respond to your buyers.
  4. We have the best loading speed in the market.
  5. We use light surveys that are not a disincentive for users to respond to them.
  6. We benefit our customers with personalized values, according to their needs.

How will QServus help you reduce your costs?

By paying a monthly fee, you will access the various automated actions we have at your disposal. Through these actions you can retain your customers without having to incur in other types of associated expenses, since all the relationship marketing is centralized in the QServus platform.

About the service

QServus is only for survey specialists?

No. Any interested person can use the survey service.

If you do not handle these concepts or technologies well, our specialized team can advise you to show the best of your brand and in this way create and strengthen links within the shopping experience with customers.

Is QServus only useful to measure the quality of service?

We have a development team that constantly seeks and implements improvements to the different relational marketing tools we offer our buyers. This way not only the measurement of quality of service is addressed, but also other issues related to customer loyalty are addressed, such as automated training, benefit clubs, discounts, resolution of requirements, implementation of action plans among others. It is a 360 degree relational marketing service.

What means of payment are accepted?

We currently have PayPal and WebPay.

My company is very small, can I use QServus?

No matter the size of your company, the most important thing is your desire to grow. In QServus we have plans that adapt to your needs. It does not matter if you are an Entrepreneur, Microentrepreneur, SME or large company, in QServus you will always have solutions tailored to your needs.

We invite you to know our version QServus Pro and QServus Lite.

About the clients

How can I know what I should ask my clients?

The service we offer includes the advice of specialists when writing your questionnaire. This way your questions will be appropriate and you will receive the exact information you need from your buyers.

What happens if a user is dissatisfied?

The platform allows you to activate dissatisfaction alerts, so you will be notified immediately when there is a dissatisfied buyer. In this way you can take the necessary actions to resolve the customer’s dissatisfaction.

How can I learn more about quality of customer service?

At QServus we care about giving you the support you need to properly trust your clients. We put at your disposal weekly publications on different actions and strategies that will allow you to improve the quality of service of your business. Access here.

On the surveys

How can I conduct surveys for my clients?

QServus has a multi-channel strategy that through supports such as e-mail, SMS, QR codes, web widget, personalized link, RRSS, online platform among others allows you to achieve a greater reach, reaching surveys to a larger number of buyers .

How can I select who I will send my survey to?

Our platform allows a manual or automatic interaction, this means that you can decide how to use it.

You can upload your database using an Excel file or automate the integration of the database by Web Service.

How much can I customize my surveys?

Our varied response options allow you to choose the alternative that best suits each question, thus providing satisfactory answers to your customers.

This personalization tool allows you to qualitatively measure results, through star ratings, satisfaction selection for faces or sensations.

Can I customize the emails that I send to my users so that my surveys answer?

Yes. We can create design proposals or you can implement your own proposals. The most important thing is that you can customize the fields you want, so if you need to include the name of your client, or some specific information in each email, it is possible to implement it.

About the results

How long will it take to have indicators to see my results?

The interface of the platform will allow you to review the results of the surveys in real time, since the indicators are updated as your clients respond.

How can I understand the results of my surveys?

The design of the platform is made to be easy to understand. Our platform has indicators that simply show the results of the surveys.

To access more complete results you can download the reports of the results in Excel, PDF or Web format, in this way you can analyze, evaluate and use the survey reports in the way you need.

How can I get more answers?

By correctly using our range of tools and strategies, we can help you increase the number of users’ responses. Our team of specialists is ready to help you with any questions, we also have support material available that will allow you to learn more about this item.

How can I monitor my clients’ responses?

We have an initial screen that shows real-time updates of the latest responses that buyers have delivered. It will be possible to visualize instantaneously if the answer was one of satisfaction, dissatisfaction or indifference. In addition each one comes with a detail of the response that the client has delivered.

Technical aspects

My company only works with a virtual branch, can I use QServus?

Of course! The quality of customer service is not only in direct service, but in the entire sales process. For this reason we have various means that will allow you to get the opinion of your users about the most relevant aspects, according to your business. In the case of those businesses that only have sales on the web, we strongly suggest the use of a web widget, personalized emails and the red button.

What is a Blacklist?

The Blacklist is a tool that will allow you to select clients who will not receive emails with surveys, so if you need to avoid sending to certain users or they request not to receive more emails, you can manage it through this tool.

How do the control panels work?

Each survey will have its own control panel, this will contain the different indicators that have been generated automatically for each question. Through these boards you will have a general view of the results of your surveys.

Do I need to design a QR code for my clients to answer a survey?

With QServus the codes are generated automatically for each sensor. It is not necessary that you worry about designing. Leave it in our hands!





Increase your sales

and the loyalty of your customers

QServus is a digital platform that allows three fundamental actions for you to trust your customers and increase your sales.

3 pasos

    Today’s customers want to be heard and integrated. Our platform will allow you a real interaction with them, you can make them participate in the process by understanding their opinions and satisfying their needs. In addition, our multi-channel strategy will allow you to have conversations with your customers from any device and in multiple languages.


    After listening, you should know how to analyze what your clients want to say and transform that information into business opportunities.

    Our platform is so easy to use that you will visualize in a simple and immediate way, by means of indicators and reports, the answers of your clients. You can also download the results in Excel, PDF or Web format, which will allow you to analyze, evaluate and use the information as you need.

  • ACT

    The last step, after listening and analyzing, is to execute the action plan.

    Nuestra plataforma te permitirá tomar las acciones necesarias para poder satisfacer y fidelizar correctamente a tus clientes. Y todo eso de forma automatizada, entregando soluciones alineadas al análisis, que permitirán que el consumidor se sienta considerado y genere conversaciones que lo lleven a establecer una relación con tu empresa.

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