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Listen to your customers with omnichannel

Don't miss a single detail! With QServus, you can stay connected with your customers' feedback, no matter the channel or how they express themselves.

QServus - Escuchar

Reach your customers wherever they are

Listen to your customers like never before with QServus. Our platform allows you to interact with them in real-time and gather their opinions and needs in multiple languages.

Customize your surveys

Create impactful surveys! With our platform, you can customize your surveys with your own branding to increase customer recognition and trust.

Various question types for meaningful insights

Different communication channels

Pay attention to your customers across all communication channels with our ever-evolving platform. We are committed to providing new ways to listen, allowing you to better understand their needs and desires.

Drive transformation in experiences across the organization

Contact Center

Understand customer needs, reduce their effort, and empower agents to deliver exceptional service.


Detect and resolve issues, guide the future direction of the product, and put the customer at the center of their experience.


Identify common obstacles, foster digital adoption, and personalize digital journeys.


Analyze key indicators of your brand's health to gain a complete understanding of experiences.

Turn customer feedback into opportunities!

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